Selling a Home in Washington Park

Selling a Home in Washington Park

Washington Park, colloquially known as Wash Park, is an upscale and exclusive neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Centered around a large, green park that is the neighborhood’s namesake, Washington Park is a paradise for those that desire outdoor space within the mecca of Denver. The park is expansive, and on any given day, residents can be seen jogging the paths, walking their pets, kayaking in the lakes, and enjoying the sunshine.

Washington Park also has a great shopping and dining scene, with plenty of locally owned and eclectic options. The neighborhood is big on community, and there’s a small-town feel despite being in the big city. Numerous events unite the community in all seasons, including block parties, farmers’ markets, live music, and holiday tree-lighting events.

If you’re looking to sell your home, our guide will walk you through the most important steps of this exciting process and give you some tips along the way.

Preparing your home to sell

The first step to selling a home in Washington Park is making sure your home is ready to sell. These preparatory steps will help smooth the process and guide you to closing a great sale.

Interview real estate agents

The first step in selling your home is interviewing local real estate agents. A great real estate agent should be an excellent communicator and really listen to your real estate goals. They should have a strong, working knowledge of market dynamics and understand how to price your home competitively. They should also be available to you regularly and excited to guide you through the home-selling process.

In the Washington Park area, there’s no better real estate agent than Mandy Stehle. Mandy Stehle is a real estate agent with nearly 30 years of experience as a full-time broker and is ready to bring that expertise to your next sale.

Determine your home's value

Next, you will want to assess your home’s value and determine a listing price. A great agent will help you through this process and understand the best price to captivate buyers and get the best offer on your Washington Park real estate. This is why choosing a great real estate agent is crucial. They will assist you with the most important parts of the process, such as setting a listing price, bringing in buyers, and handling the negotiations.

Upgrades to improve your home’s value

Selling your home isn’t the time to take on major remodeling projects. However, some small improvements are easy to make and can significantly improve your home’s value. Putting on a fresh coat of paint is an excellent example of a small improvement that can make a big difference in how buyers perceive your home. Similarly, updating the floors can yield great results for a minimum investment. You can also update appliances and fixtures to create a fresh look that will make your home look updated and new.

Good and bad times to sell

Although you can sell your home at any time of year, some times are better to list than others. The spring and summer are the best months to sell your home. During this time, especially in Washington Park, the weather is changing and getting warmer, and there are more hours of daylight. People have more energy and can start thinking about expanding and changing their living situations. In addition, families with children are often looking to move over the summer holidays so their children can begin at their new school on time.

Staging your home and taking photos

The last step in selling your home is to stage it home and take pictures. Again, this is a step your trusted real estate agent can help with. Your real estate agent will be able to connect you with professional stagers and photographers that will bring the top trends to light in your home and create a look that buyers are searching for. Professional photographers will know how to capture the space in your home best to create an authentic yet stunning portrait of your home’s features.

Selling your home

Once your home is prepared, it's time to get to work selling it. This section will walk you through the next steps to get your home on the market and secure a great offer.

Marketing strategies

The first step to selling your home is to create a listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This enables your agent to advertise your property and create a listing they can use for marketing. A great agent will also have prime marketing strategies and a collection of clients they can reach out to who might fit your property.

Open houses and virtual tours

Now that your house is listed on the MLS, people will want to see the home in person. Your agent will create exciting open-house events that draw buyers in and assist with any in-person tours. They will also work with top-notch videographers to create virtual tours for potential buyers who may be unable to visit in person.

Cash vs. traditional offers

Your agent will also help you weigh the pros and cons of different offers. For example, a cash offer might provide a lower overall offer, but the money will be easier to access. Traditional offers might come in higher but have a long process to go through. Your agent will help you assess which offer is best for you. Once you’ve chosen an offer, your realtor will help you with the appraisal and escrow, and you will complete your closing costs.

Ready to sell?

If you’re in the process of selling a home, you’re going to want to work with a great real estate agent. In Washington Park, there’s no one better than Mandy Stehle. Mandy is eager and ready to help you sell your current home or buy the next one, as she has a wide range of properties in her portfolio.

Work With Mandy

Best known by her clients for her unmatched authenticity and integrity, Mandy loves working with past clients, friends, and family referrals as she forms genuine long-lasting connections. Contact Mandy today to discuss all your real estate needs!

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