Hottest Architectural Styles in Platt Park

Hottest Architectural Styles in Platt Park

Dubbed the “Mile High City,” Denver is a contender for America’s next city of choice for homeowners and investors. With upscale shopping districts, gourmet dining establishments, and an innovative art scene, Denver has everything one could ask for in a modern metropolis. Just south of this vibrant city’s downtown area lies the vibrant neighborhood of Platt Park, a hidden gem that exudes an aura of comfortable elegance with a nod to historical charm.

With its exceptional location and thriving community, Platt Park embodies urban and old-town living. For those with a penchant for the outdoors, Platt Park is situated near the expansive and ever-popular Washington Park, which offers an array of amenities, providing residents with a scenic escape to reconnect with nature. The interstate runs across its north end, facilitating easy access to downtown Denver, Denver Technology Center, and other neighboring cities.

Platt Park architecture includes an array of styles, from the high-demand modern farmhouse to vintage cottages. The Platt Park real estate market is characterized by valuable and variable homes selling at a median price above $1 million. The following are some of the most prominent architectural styles in Platt Park.

The Victorian style: Preserving the elegance of a bygone era

Said to have been inspired by Queen Victoria’s reign, this architectural style is characterized by intricate ornamentation and lavish detailing. Platt Park’s Victorian homes feature a variety of embellishments, such as decorative spindlework, sash bay windows, and arched entries, that impart a distinct sense of refinement and grandeur.

Their intricate exteriors celebrate elaborate facades adorned with wrap-around porches, steeply pitched roofs, turrets, decorative shingles, gable-end extensions, and colorful accents, among other unique features. Victorian interiors feature high-pitched roofs with finials and decorative dormers, intricate woodwork, fireplace mantels, sweeping staircases reaching the upper floors, and generously sized rooms. Chandeliers are also popular, serving as functional lighting fixtures and decorative accent pieces.

As of July 2023, an excellent Victorian is on the market at 238 E. Florida Avenue. Built in 1892, the house has ornate woodwork and intricate detailing you’d expect. With 2,770 square feet, the abundance of living space is perfect for family gatherings or entertaining guests. The home’s open floor plan and high ceilings jibe with the aesthetics of old Denver. The main bedroom features a fireplace and private balcony, while the detached carriage house is the rare archaic feature that serves a practical purpose — it can be a private guest suite, rental property, or home office.

The Modern Farmhouse: Rustic sophistication

As you stroll along Platt Park’s avenues, you will likely encounter a modern farmhouse. From the outside, you can identify these homes from their whitewashed brick exteriors, wide plank porches, and large windows. From the inside, modern farmhouse windows often have painted frames. Many homeowners furnish their modern farmhouses with sturdy antiques and pieces made with reclaimed wood. The rustic textures pleasantly contrast with updated kitchens and their granite countertops, steel appliances, and industrial lighting. Quaint features like barn doors, soaking tubs, and butler’s pantries coexist with modern, clean lines. You can expect modern farmhouses to have fantastic curb appeal — their exteriors blend with their interiors and feature the latest in Denver landscaping.

In today’s real estate market, it’s common to find Platt Park homes that share characteristics with modern farmhouses. For instance, the place at 1741 S. Sherman Street has a wooden beam ceiling that spans the dining room and kitchen, plus an elegant railing along the main staircase. Nearby, “The Denver Longhouse” at 1633 S. Logan Street features floor-to-ceiling windows, hand-crafted cabinets, and a rustic atmosphere founded on hardwood flooring. Consult your real estate agent on the latest modern farmhouses for sale in Platt Park.

The Denver Bungalow: Charming historic dwellings with sturdy bones

Classic Denver bungalows are predominantly one-story structures with gorgeous brick exteriors that stand the test of time. These homes welcome you with large, covered front porches that give way to spacious entryways. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a bungalow with the original hardwood flooring intact. Many bungalows in Platt Park have been remodeled to suit the evolving demands of homeowners. They have higher ceilings than you might expect; bungalow interiors are variously cozy and open, with spaces anchored by fireplaces or else open to sunlight.

As of July 2023, you can buy two bungalows in one swoop — 1388 and 1394 S. Lincoln Street. The kitchen of 1388 includes a spacious pantry ideal for prolific chefs. The space gives way to a peaceful sunroom, and the cool finished basement houses two bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry area, and a living area. Paid-off solar panels are included.

Contemporary Craftsman: A blend of modern sophistication and superb craftsmanship

Craftsman-style homes combine the backdrop of traditional craftsmanship with an infusion of modern touches. These homes boast clean lines and a warm, cozy feel that exudes comfort and relaxation. Craftsmans often feature open-concept layouts with large windows, hardwood floors, and classic cabinetry to provide a spacious feel. Craftsman exteriors may harmoniously fuse wood, stone, and sometimes glass. Low-pitched, gabled roofs with broad eaves and exposed rafters are commonly used to adorn the exteriors.

As of July 2023, a contemporary Craftsman is on sale at 1674 S. Grant Street. Located a half-block south of Platt Park, this home is a quintessential example of modern Craftsman architecture. The brick front porch is ideal for cool summer evenings, and the property’s modern features include an open-concept kitchen and a second-floor dwelling unit above the garage.

Explore the beauty of Platt Park architecture

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